Hosted by the American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE), this two-day meeting will provide a forum for RED teams to learn, explore, and share ideas that promote revolution in engineering education research and practice, with the overall theme of successful change. Outcomes of the meeting include:

      • Contributing to the ongoing advancement of change in engineering and computer science education
      • Improving dialogue among Revolutionizing Engineering and Computer Science Departments Consortium (REDCON) members
      • Benefiting future research on how to broaden participation, transform institutional leadership, and promote student-centered success strategies in academia
      • Exploring models for changing culture with particular emphasis on inclusion, equity, and diversity
Meeting Activities

Concurrent sessions given by RED teams, cross-team collaborators, and REDPAR (MACH and CERSE)

      • Interactive breakout sessions
      • Opportunities for engagement with NSF representatives
      • Change-focused discussion and working sessions
      • Working groups for potential collaboration
      • RED team poster session for sharing projects with the RED community (The poster should fit on a board that is 8’w x 4’h (242 cm. x 121 cm.)). The exact size is up to you, but it’s recommended to be no bigger than 7.5’w x 3.5’h. (Your ASEE NSF poster is fine)
Meeting Norms

As we all engage in the RED Consortium meeting, many of us with projects meant to improve diversity and inclusion in Engineering and Computer Science, REDPAR felt it would be good to suggest some group norms for the meeting so that everyone can have an inclusive and equitable experience.  Here are some of our suggestions.  Please feel free to set your own additional norms in your sessions, and we encourage all facilitators to share these norms with their attendees:

      • Speak from your experience when experience is relevant
      • Contribute research-based information when relevant
      • Assume positive intent, listen for understanding, and reflect before you speak
      • Monitor how much you are contributing, and actively include all participants
      • Model the interpersonal interactions you want to have as a result of your RED work
Meeting Organizers

American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE)

RED Participatory Action Research (REDPAR) Team