Session Abstract Submission

REDPAR is seeking abstracts for sessions at the 2018 NSF RED PI meeting.

The abstract submission period has ended.

The ongoing vision for the RED PI Meeting is to provide a forum for RED teams to learn from each other and to develop their change skill sets as you create a national leadership cohort for change in engineering and computer science education. Past meeting agendas and content were developed by the REDPAR team in consultation with the NSF RED program officers and in response to feedback from RED teams solicited during calls, focus groups, and post-meeting surveys. Starting with the 2018 PI Meeting, NSF and REDPAR invite RED team members to be collaborators on designing the meeting, choosing content, and sharing and teaching expertise in change making.

RED team members are invited to submit session proposals for panels, presentations, and workshops to be delivered to their peers at the 2018 PI Meeting. These sessions might be breakout sessions for specific or self-selecting audiences or sessions for the whole RED cohort. Sessions will last approximately 90 minutes. Each team may submit only one solo proposal, but the number of cross-team proposals is unrestricted. There are no restrictions on how many proposals an individual may participate in.

While proposals in all topic areas are welcome, of particular interest are proposals that relate to diversity and inclusion in engineering, computing, and/or technology. Topics of interest include but are not limited to:

  • Inclusion, equity, and diversity in the effort to broaden participation, transform institutional leadership, and promote student-centered success strategies in academia
  • Successful models for changing culture, with particular emphasis on inclusion, equity, and diversity
  • Collaborations with industry, community, and other strategic partnerships
  • Innovative curricula including inclusive pedagogies
  • RED project management and related issues
  • Assessment and evaluation tools
  • Other topics

Session leaders, including panel organizers, should submit an abstract of 300 words or less on their session topic, learning objectives for the session attendees, and a plan for attendee engagement and participation.

Abstracts will be reviewed by panels made up of RED team members (see review option below), with the final meeting program determined by NSF program officers and the REDPAR team. If you do not want to submit a proposal but would like to be part of the proposal review, please skip all items except the one for volunteering.

Please contact Julia Williams at with your questions.