This page provides links to the RED team posters presented during the 2018 NSF RED PI Meeting. Click the team name below to view their poster. This page will be updated as information is received.

  1. Arizona State University
  2. Boise State University
  3. Clemson University
  4. Colorado State University
  5. East Carolina University
  6. Georgia Tech
  7. Iowa State University
  8. North Carolina A&T University
  9. Oregon State University / University of Washington
  10. Purdue University
  11. Rowan University
  12. Seattle University
  13. Texas A&M University
  14. University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
  15. University of New Mexico
  16. University of North Carolina, Charlotte
  17. University of San Diego
  18. University of Texas at El Paso
  19. Virginia Tech